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how does wwe fake blood revealed

How Does WWE Fake Blood- Secret Revealed

WWE superstars fake blood during the matches not only helps making the wrestling more cinematic but also real. Today I am going to reveal the secret behind how does WWE fake blood in the arena. WWE is fake, scripted, planned, and well acted entertainment business. But it involves a real risk of life during the performance. Many a time, wrestlers have suffered from major injuries even after several practice sessions.

how does WWE fake blood

Recipe for WWE Fake Blood

This is a lost of items you require to make a perfect fake blood for a wrestling match. Remember these items are easily available at home and it takes a little amount of time to effort to make a perfect blood bath for you.

. 16 Ounces of powdered sugar
. 1 Ounce of red food coloring
. 1 Tablespoon of cocoa powder
. 8 Ounces of water
. A Blender

Use a fresh bowl and pour 1 ounce of red food coloring and mix it thoroughly with 16 ounces of powdered sugar. Sugar helps the red color sustain the required viscosity. The Fake blood should have an exact color contract like a natural blood so cocoa powder is added to this mixture. Stir the mixture with a blender for 20 minutes till it attains the blood red color. Now the fake blood is ready to used on a face. This process is used is used by many Americans during Halloween party.

How does WWE Superstars Fake blood inside the Ring?

The above method is used to make fake blood. But how does WWE fake blood inside the ring during the live event? It is pretty easy. The fake blood is packed in small capsules which are more portable to easy to use. The referee is involved in this process. The match referee hands over the blood capsules to the performer and he/she cracks open the capsules on the face during a cover. This provides an illusion to the crowd that wrestler is busted open due to the massive kick or punches.

Moreover, WWE Superstars go natural sometimes. They bleed real in the ring just to entertain the live audience and we should have respect for them in doing so. A small pin is used to cut the upper skin of the face which involves a real risk of injury to the sensitive parts. Many superstars have cut themselves real deep during the match up and had to go a surgery to stop bleeding. 

In all, wrestling is a risky job to pursue. The demand of brutality and menace adds to the danger of life. But WWE is still among the favorite sports in America and other pacific countries. 

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