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WWE fake blood proof

john cena fake blood

WWE Fake blood proof in the ring

Wrestling has been blamed for fake punches and slams. We have seen many bloody faces in the ring while fighting at pay per view. But as a matter of fact the Superstars including highest paid wrestlers such as The Undertaker, The Rock, John cena, Roman Reigns have frequently used the small tools to demonstrate that they are willing to scarifies their life for WWE Entertainment and fans. 

Altough the WWE supertars try their level hard to let WWE Universe believe that he blood is real and they have it while wrestling. But in the era of digital technology every move is captured in the camera. their are various site and videos which provide firm proof that WWE blood is fake. 

fake john cena blood

You can check in the above snap that John cena is been given a pin to scratch his head to show blood in the fight. However the pin gives a slight cut on his head but produces alot of blood during the live broadcast which makes it more entertaining for the audience. There are other methods to show blood in the ring. Roman reigns has used blood capsules during many events to engage and gain sympathy of the audience. If the above stated fact is not true then why in UFC, the wrestlers get big blood after a single punch.

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